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Cracked Screen? Student Invents “airbag” to Protect Falling Smartphones

Cracked phone screens like this could soon be history

Ever dropped your smartphone and cracked the screen into a mosaic before? Such nightmares could be over very soon, thanks to Philip Frenzel, a German engineering student.

He has designed the perfect saving solution for every not-so-careful person who is guilty of dropping their smartphones and cracking up their screen: a “smartphone airbag” which detects when your phone is about to hit the ground, and provides added protection.

The very protective smartphone case has foldable protective ‘legs’ hidden inside its four corners. It is able to detect when a phone is in freefall, and then it responds by immediately deploying the “spider legs” as a protective exo-frame which protects the phone from every side. With this, the chances of damaging your phone’s screen and electronics when you drop it is almost zero.

That’s a very cool invention, like that invisible cycling helmet which activates only when you’re about to fall.

Philip Frenzel made the “smartphone airbag” as his bachelor’s thesis at Aalen University, after smashing his new iPhone about four years ago. He forgot that the iPhone was still inside his jacket and he threw it down from the first floor of a building – that was practically the end for the phone.

Philip Frenzel

But smashing his iPhone and looking for a preventive solution has been a blessing. Philip’s thesis was chosen as the best in 2018 by the German Society for Mechatronics who gave him an award for his excellent work.

His invention is also now registered for a patent and he has co-founded a start-up with Peter Mayer, one of his colleagues, an Economics graduate from Aalen University. They’re hoping for positive support from the patent office and success with crowdfunding to get things started.

What do you think of this phone case? Would you be buying one if it hits the market?


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