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Five Recent Statements Showing This Government is Dreaming


1. We’ve Improved the Lives of Ghanaians in 22 Months

Just some days ago, President Akufo-Addo was at the 180th anniversary celebration of the Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, where he said that he has improved the lives of Ghanaians in 22 months. Praise the Lord!

The President said: “In this church, at least Rev Osabutey can attest to the fact that the monthly electricity and water bills of the Church have reduced, as it has for everybody. I am also sure that we have parents here whose wards are beneficiaries of the Free Senior High School policy”.

That’s the president’s view. Has the government improved your life in the past 22 months? Maybe you have a similar story to tell?

2. Planting for Food and Jobs Has Now Made Food Cheap

Hurraay! The minister for Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, says food in Ghana has become very cheap under the able leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo due to the planting for food and jobs programme.

Eerm… which exact part of Ghana is he talking about? Please help us find out because we’re not sure and we’re really missing out.

3. NPP Will Continue to Give Ghanaians Development

In October, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia was a guest at a festival in Manya Krobo where he promised that this government will continue to provide Ghanaians with development.

The vice president said government has done well and will continue with its transformational programmes such as the planting for food and jobs, and also provide Manya Krobo with jobs under NABCO, as well as honey, poultry feed and cement factories under the one district one factory programme. Other promises on his list were toilets, solar-powered boreholes, and electricity.

Which real development has this government provided? Can you say? Have things been so much different from the previous administration? Which people have been employed under NABCO and where are they working?

And the factories…

When Ghanaians ask where the factories are, government says “We never promised to build factories on our own. Our plan was always to work with the private sector to help them establish the factories.”

Okay, then why is the Vice President promising factories that he’s not the one going to build?

4. Competence is Gradually Clearing Mahama’s Mess

After the swearing in of some ministers in October, President Nana Addo said his government is clearing the mess left behind by former president John Mahama.

As if there hasn’t been a single incident of corruption or display of incompetence from his government!

From the plagiarism in his first speech during his swearing in, to right now when some people fear dumsor is making a comeback, things have looked all too similar to John Mahama’s government.

What didn’t Bawumia say about the exchange rate and public debt? But are we seeing anything new?

5. Ghana Beyond Aid is Still Achievable

“We dey beg” by Bright Ackwerh Art

At the 2018 G20 compact with Africa, President Akufo-Addo said government is bent on making Ghana a country that does not depend on aid.

“Under my leadership, we are determined to discard the mindset of dependence on aid, charity and handouts and aim towards becoming self-reliant within the context of strong global cooperation,” that’s what he told world leaders when he met them.

But back home in Ghana where people have been wondering why this government is borrowing after lambasting the former president for doing same, president Akufo-Addo’s response is that we won’t stop borrowing because even the US borrows.

“Ghana will continue to borrow. Borrowing is not aid.”

Borrowing is not aid? Really? But why didn’t you tell the G20 leaders that when you met them in Germany?


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