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Another Casualty: Is Sergio Ramos The ‘Brock Lesnar’ Of Football?


He may not be gifted with the physical build and mixed martial art skills of the WWE beast, but clearly Sergio Ramos shares one thing in common with the wrestler- hurting opponents.

This is a player who has left studs autographed on the chests of opposing players, battered faces, ankles, and miffed several opponents with a level of unruliness which is gradually earning him unenviable accolades as dirtiest ever defender.

Ramos subjected fans to yet another horror as he left Viktoria Plzen’s Milan Havel all bloodied in Wednesday night’s Champions League tie.

Sergio Ramos(L) catches Milan Havel(R) with his elbow



This time though it was an elbow to the nose. It may not have been intentional but it was aggressive, and that spectacle of blood flooding out Havel’s nostrils was bleak.

The kind of stuff akin to a gruesome UFC bout rather than a Champions League group stage match.

The Viktoria Plzen defender had sprinted forward with purpose before Ramos dashed across to intervene, bumping into him and catching the gullible Czech’s nose in the process.

Milan Havel tries to stop the blood oozing from his nostrils

Ramos apologized after the game, but his 24 red cards- including a record 19 in La Liga- do not make the Spaniard anyone’s ardent go-to character when talk about fair play surfaces, do they?

Also, this video capturing some grim shenanigans of his in the past affirms most of the he-is-a-devil-on-the-pitch accusations.



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