Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear diving equipment. And not all of them fly; some dive deep into the sea.

In March 2017, Joshua Eccles, a diver from Florida who enjoys diving in the sea alongside sharks, got a plea for help from an unusual victim while he was diving: an injured shark.

It was a lemon shark. Lemon sharks are not particularly known for being friendly to humans and approaching them but according to the diver, this particular shark kept following him even though he was trying to keep his distance.

And the shark kept tapping him intentionally, in a manner suggesting that there was a pressing issue.

Joshua’s instincts told him something was wrong as the lemon shark’s behaviour was unusual.

Keeping his composure, he decided to inspect the feared predator.

Then he saw it. There was a big fishing hook jutting out of the belly of the shark.

Eccles holding the hook in his left hand (Image: Chris Maddeford/Facebook)

Carefully, Eccles held the shark’s head and tried to remove the hook from its belly. After a few attempts, he succeeded, probably saving the shark from an infection or even death.

After removing the fishing hook from the injured shark’s belly, other sharks joined this one to take a moment to swim around Josh and his partners in a show of gratitude.

A closer view of the hook (Image: Joshua Eccles/Facebook)

Indeed when it matters, feared predators will accept and even ask help from humans.


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