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This Headset Can ‘Hear’ The Words That You Say In Your Head


MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, does not disappoint. You know those words which you say quietly to yourself inside your head when you’re reading something alone? Like what you’re doing right now? There’s a headset that can ‘hear’ those words.

It’s not fully developed yet but even in development it’s still quite a scary gadget if you examine its potential. The device, made by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), can detect the faint signals that are transmitted in the muscles and the nerves inside your head when you’re talking to yourself (subvocalization).

The headpiece has bone-conduction electrodes which can detect the vibrations that get sent to the bones deep inside your inner ear, without affecting your hearing. The signals then get sent to a computer that can interpret the signals into words.

The researchers at MIT said they intended to build a computing platform with deep interaction between human and machine which feels like an extension of the brain.

The machine does not yet have a very big vocabulary but so far it’s been capable of recognizing a few dozens of words. The researchers at MIT are hoping to expand its ‘vocabulary’ but the fundamental idea is there, it works and it looks very promising.

With this headset on, you can say something inside your head from an available vocabulary and the device can tell what it is you said, with over 90% accuracy.


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