You gotta happy yourself in this Ghana no matter what hardship you’re going through because some places are not cool like that.

Seventeen Filipino women were arrested during a Halloween party in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh, after their neighbours complained about noise coming from the house.

Saudi Arabia does not allow events such as parties without permission. Unmarried men and women are also not to be seen together in public.

The ambassador of the Philippines in Saudi Arabia reminded the Filipino community to avoid attending or organizing events without permission, avoid alcohol, mixed crowds of men and women, and public gatherings related to religions apart from Islam.

Public displays of worship by other religions is not tolerated in Saudi Arabia. Religious police will raid such gatherings and arrest the people there, especially if they’re playing loud music and using fancy lights and fireworks.

The country like several others in the Middle East, also restricts women’s freedoms. Women are not allowed to drive, open bank accounts, expose their body and be in the company of men who are not family.

In 2014, six young Iranians – three guys and three ladies – were arrested and sentenced to lashes and prison for dancing to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, in a video which they uploaded to YouTube.


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