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New Constipation Relief Pill Would Vibrate In Your Large Intestine

It’s a conundrum antagonizing more than 12 percent of people in the world, with thousands opting to keep the melancholic discomforts in their tummies on a ‘low key’ because they dread being laughed at or ridiculed, oblivious of the University of Tennessee research which suggests that people who suffer from constipated are 13 percent more likely to develop kidney disease.

Yes, those extraordinarily toughened bowels could expose you to other serious health complications if left unchecked. And I trust that straining all the time just to see a couple of stone-hard, lumpy stools out could be very dispiriting for anyone.

So aside eating lots of fibre foods, engaging in physical workouts, and gulping down different brands of purgatives in order to fight constipation, a new research has suggested vibrating capsules which would relieve chronic constipation.

According to scientists from Augusta University in Georgia, this medication for constipation, which is the size of a fish-oil supplement is designed to vibrate for either one or two hours in the large intestine 24 hours after swallowing, and is excreted between one and two days later.

The researchers, led by Dr Satish Rao, tried the capsule in two studies with 245 people suffering from chronic constipation.

Half of the respondents were administered the capsules that contained electric mechanisms, programmed to tremble at different frequencies once they touched the large intestine.

Findings indicated that the participants who took the vibrating capsules had twice as many bowel movements since the capsule kindled stomach contractions and helped move digestion along.

Manufactured by Israeli company Vibrant, this vibrating constipation medication could be available in just three years’ time, as Dr. Rao also established that most of the respondents were unconscious of the vibrating sensation and suffered no major side effects.


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