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Doctor Beheaded For Turning Down Marriage Proposal


It is always grim when you get slapped with a hard unexpected ‘NO’ after popping the big question to the person you plan to spend forever with.

While some just drench their shattered hearts in pints of liquor, or swamp into days of sniveling to numb the aches, others also go gung-ho psychotic over the rejection and do the unthinkable.

Like 26-year-old Kazakhstani teacher, Shyngys Bekenov. The bod beheaded his 21-year-old sweetheart, Nazerke Bekzhanova- who had only just graduated from medical university in Kazakhstan- for refusing to marry him because her parents supposedly did not approve of him.

Junior doctor, Nazerke Bekzhanova was murdered for turning down a marriage proposal

Deranged over her rejection, Shyngys detached Nazerke’s head from her body in his Daewoo Nexia, then tried to take his own life without much success.

After writing a suicide note requesting that he should be buried alongside the woman he had murdered, Shyngys stabbed himself in the abdomen; and rather than the graveyard he was hoping for, he ended up being detained in a hospital.

Shyngys Bekenov attempted suicide after beheading his girlfriend.

With Nazerke’s decapitated body recovered in his car near a dam on the edge of Tasboget village, and his suicide note confirming that he had beheaded her after saying no to marrying him, the teacher, who is reportedly in a stable condition with knife wounds, now faces a charge of murder with a minimum sentence of 15 years.


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