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Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Battered For ‘SHOCKING’ Tweet About Depression

Founder of Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has gotten a slurring over on twitter for claiming that demons were the cause of depression.

The heckling of the bishop on the dark alley of social media has been brutal, and with so many online pit-bulls circling, one is left wondering what ever happened to 1 Corinthians 16:22.

I mean, ‘touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm?’

The renowned man of God while promoting his work, posted “depression and sadness are a result of demon activity” accompanied by a book he had authored, Demons And How To Deal With Them.

Although those exact words may have drawn a deafening ‘Yes Lord’ from his Qodesh congregation on any day, it only succeeded in rubbing the ‘twitter congregation’ the wrong way, and attracted numerous inimical responses with one user tagging the message as ‘shocking’.

With depression widely considered a medical condition, Bishop Heward-Mills, who is also a qualified medical doctor clearly startled his followers with his post, prompting some to question whether he was genuinely a medical school graduate.

Others also bluntly hit back that he was just trying make profits by swindling people.

Check out these other responses:


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