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6 Signs You Must Visit A Mental Health Professional Immediately


A famous and devastating human disposition disorder, most depression cases are commonly triggered by certain defining life pressures, skirmishes and setbacks, and meaningfully sways how affected people ponder, feel, and function in their day-to-day activities.

Thus, depression can impact adversely on the way a person eats, sleeps, learns, works, or enjoys life; and a constant sense of ineptitude and dejection is usually as a result of it.

Depression differs from person to person. Subsequently, not everyone who is depressed go through every symptom yet it is important to remember that when certain tell-tales and indicators become established or recurring, it raises red flags.

Though people feel sad or low at some point in their lives, clinical depression is real and these are six common signs to look out for:


There’s always a strong feeling of worthlessness or guilt within the depression patients, and they tend to harshly criticize themselves constantly for perceived faults and mistakes. Depressed people also dwell on past failures a lot.

Erratic Sleeping

While certain depressed people often lie awake at night unable to sleep, some on the other hand find it difficult to get out of bed, and sleep for longer periods during the day; making insomnia or hypersomnia a common symptom of depression.

Suicidal Thoughts

Another common sign of depression is the recurring thought of death or suicide. People in depressed states normally talk about killing or harming themselves, and even attempt carrying the act out. They also live believing someone is after their lives and behave strangely; like calling or visiting people to say goodbye.

Loss of energy

Feeling fatigued, sluggish, and physically drained all the time are also signs that a person could be staring depression in the face. The patients’ whole body may feel heavy, and small tasks become grueling or take longer to complete for them.

Anger or irritability

People suffering from depression also constantly get agitated, restless, or even violent quite easily. Their tolerance level drops really low, their temper short, and almost everything and everyone gets on their nerves on a regular basis.

Loss of interest in normal activities

The depressed persons begin to distance themselves from things or people they were previously very fond of. Some people turn to hobbies they enjoy when they feel blue, but people with major depression tend to avoid them. Hence, they end up not caring anymore about former hobbies, pastimes, or social activities, and even lose their desire to have sex.


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