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Tiger Woods Sends Classic Message To His Doubters After PGA Tour Win


‘It was hard not to think of all the days when I didn’t know whether I would walk pain-free again, let alone play and compete. It’s been a hell of a comeback.’ And truly, it has for Tiger Woods, who has risen above many derisions following his announcement to compete again, to win a PGA Tour event for the first time in over five years.

After as many as four back operations since March 2014, with a world ranking of 1,199 in November 2017, the former world No.1 had been written off as a genuine contender in the sport, with some disrespectfully suggesting that the 42-year-old golf legend retired.

However, Tiger Woods reminded the world of his legendary status again when he roared to an incredible 80th PGA career wins, with only Sam Snead ahead with 82 wins.

Amidst the expected commendations which poured in after his heartwarming victory, Woods, in quite a classic and inspirational manner, deemed it the ripe moment to acknowledge his doubters. He decided to hear some of his sternest critics out, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

A video has emerged on twitter of him sat in a hall, holding a tablet, and absorbed into clips of personalities casting disparages at his chances of ever winning a golf competition again. And the golfer, who remained modest through the viewing session, sported a priceless smile when it was over.

Those who counted him out, the people that said he was done; and the ones who claimed that he will never win again must have gnawing cookies of shame clenched between their teeth right now. Good job Tiger Woods. Watch the video


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