Home General The Answer Is Ganja!! “Naija” Presidential Candidate Promises to Free The WEED.

The Answer Is Ganja!! “Naija” Presidential Candidate Promises to Free The WEED.

NIgerians Debate On Twitter.

Omoyele Sowore, Nigeria Presidential Candidate.

With names such as weed, marijuana, ntampi, abonsam tawa, and ganja amongst many fascinating clichés used to label one thing-Cannabis- the calls for major reforms to decriminalize this extremely popular psychoactive drug has become a global topic.

Following this, it has become a fairly big deal when influential people, viewed as role models, add their voice to this debate.

It is an even bigger deal when the bearing of these people appears to contravene the original paradigm which demonizes the use of marijuana.

Over the years, some politicians, including former US presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, and Jesse Ventura are among a host of global icons that have openly backed the legalization of the drug.

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A latest addition to the growing list of politicians who have publicly endorsed marijuana is Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential hopeful, Omoyele Sowore.

With an estimated 87 million people believed to be living in extreme poverty in his country, videos that have hit social media this week has Sowore announcing at a conference  that Nigeria would start exporting marijuana if he becomes president.

In the video, Sowore explains that marijuana served other accommodating purposes aside just smoking it, and added that it was a profitable venture which could skyrocket Nigeria’s GDP.

He stated that Ekiti State in Nigeria had some of the best weed in the world, and concluded saying, “instead of chasing after people that are growing weed, they should chase after politicians who smoke cocaine in their houses.”

From various indications on social media, Sowore’s revelation seemingly caught most people off-guard, and prompted some Nigerians to share their views on twitter.


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