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Passenger Swaps Seats, Drives Himself After Meeting Drunk Uber Driver


A passenger in India was compelled to drive himself home after meeting his Uber driver who appeared to be drunk and drowsy.

The Uber driver himself was not in good shape and needed a Uber driver to take him home.

The passenger, Surya Oruganti, posted the incident on Twitter saying that the ride “was not quite what I expected.” He tagged the taxi company and asked them to fix the problem since it is a serious safety issue.

The pickup was booked by Surya after he arrived at the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, India. But to his surprise, the Uber driver who came to pick him up appeared to be drunk. The driver who came also did not match the driver on the app.

He managed to take a video of the driver who appeared to be drunk and unaware of what was happening.

Uber described the incident as “a regrettable and concerning incident” and later said the driver’s profile had been removed from the app.

However, this could only prove to be half a solution since there was a driver mismatch: the passenger could have boarded the wrong taxi.

People commenting on the incident have speculated that the drunk Uber driver may have been working on lease on another driver’s account, so the other driver bearing responsibility for him on the Uber app could rather be the one removed, leaving the drunk driver available to repeat this kind of incident (if he indeed was driving on someone else’s account and does that for others).

According to the passenger, a drunk driver showing up to pick someone is quite a common experience at airports in India.


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