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Five Times Ebony Showed Real Badness


We will miss the 90s bad girl, Ebony Reigns. Who wouldn’t? Beneath the smokescreen of being the bad girl, this was just a young girl, a bit naïve, enjoying her youth and trying to make it in an industry where there’s little difference between being famous and infamous. Even her most vicious critics were sad at her passing because no parents should have to bury a daughter of her age and talents.

Here are 5 occasions Ebony showed that she was a badass artiste who was living way above people’s opinions and approval.

11. Pent Hall Week Celebration

Pentagon Hostel at University of Ghana has what many people say is one of the best university hall week celebrations. We don’t really know what a university hall week celebration should be but if you’re young at heart, if you’ve seen it, you’d probably agree.

Pent Hall Week offers the whole package: visiting students from other universities, big corporate sponsors, top music artistes, ripped body builders and yes, luxury car wash by curvy girls.

In January 2017, Ebony was one of the artistes on the roll. And she did it. The artiste had a bed brought on stage with a guy lying on it. She gave the crowd a glimpse of her knowledge in bedmatics by climbing on him and giving him a bad cowgirl grind, amidst wild cheers from the crowd. #eyepopping #mindblown

22. Hustle

It’s very subtle and yet it’s clear. You can’t miss the other meaning of “Mo ndi me oo, mo ndi me dwa” in her soundtrack Hustle. She was calling for people to patronize all her wares. Everything. The whole package.

33. Ebony vs Songo, Mamba Bash

According to radio and TV presenter Countryman Songo, he and Ebony Reigns were quite good friends before she began her music career and he was one of the people who gave her his support when she made it clear she wanted to make music.

In November 2017, Ebony taught Songo a lesson during the Mamba bash held at the Baba Yara sports stadium. It was one for an old friend. The singer twerked wildly for Songo who was visibly being driven mad by the goods rubbing his crotch.

The Fire for Fire presenter had promised to ‘fire’ Ebony. The bad girl accepted the challenge and promised to return the fire. And she delivered.

44. Turn on the Light

Subliminal messaging and suggestive lyrics like “mo ndi me dwa” were not her only forte. Ebony also knew how to be very direct and uncensored. In her soundtrack Turn on the Light where she says that she doesn’t like a dull boyfriend and she doesn’t like doing the thing in the dark, she goes like this:

“Pum pum so tight and it make sense …

… sit ‘pon your face,

yeah me taste good. Call it Tasty Tom.”

‘Sit pon your face?’ That’s an obvious pointer to facesitting and having a guy lick her! And the bad girl adds, her pum pum tastes good like Tasty Tom. Any other 20-year-olds with such audacity?

55. Sex is my hobby

You’d think Ebony Reigns would know enough to be deterred by the possible backlash from telling that she likes having sex as one of her hobbies. Again, she dared to be that blunt in an interview with Delay as Delay’s interviews usually go, saying that she likes doing the thing when she’s bored and feeling dull.

What a hobby!


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