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8 Common Foods Men Must Eat Before Sex

After all the “I- be- dangerous- guy oo,” and “E- go- be- World War III” messages you flooded her inbox with, she got super impressed- especially with the macho-man-arm-emojis you garnished every text with- that she even invited herself over believing that she had found a real-life Popeye; only to leave with a different impression of you being a comprehensive scam.

Erectile Dysfunction stole the shine. Slow!!!

You remember the you- talk- about- World War III- wielding- a- balloon- tommy gun- look she gave when you landed, don’t you? Then the what-a- waste-of-time-expression that followed? Its every man’s nightmare.

After that blunder, I believe your confidence is shot so badly that you are thinking about impressing next time with some viagras. However, that idea would only make your problem worse. They would eventually kill your erections off completely, and increase chances that you will suffer a heart attack, and possibly, die from it.

Fortunately, there is an easy, better, safer, and effective way to go flush out that ‘soft’ stress. Like just eating. Certain foods, when eaten on a regular basis, equips the male sex organ with the forte it requires.

And since I would feel reluctant going to the funeral of the guy that died through taking some dangerous pills while looking for a harder erection, I have decided to let you in on eight magic foods which will render your one-eyed snake as deadly as you want it to be.


  • PeanutsWhat some of you call, groundnuts, or ‘nkatie’. The amino acid, L-Arginine, which boosts the production of nitric acid in the body is abundant in peanuts . This amino acid increases the production of sex hormones, and promotes rock-hard erections due its effects on penile blood vessels. It is also not so expensive and very easy to find. So chew away on some peanuts from time to time, or just dump a little extra into your gari soakings, hausa koko, 3tor, etc to experience a magical transformation in your overall sexual shift.


  • BananasIt is no coincidence that bananas are shaped the way they are. Eating this B vitamins-rich fruit on a regular would save you the embarassment of going ‘soft’ when it matters most. Because potassium is heavily present in bananas, its consumption results in improved heart health which is key to having super firm erections. They also contain bromelain, which helps improve blood flow to different areas in the body including the penis.


  • Chocolate You live here in Ghana, blessed with so much cocoa, so you send chocolates to the mistress at home every evening after work . Very romantic. But those delicious chocolates have not stopped her from nagging about how weak your pipe is, has it?  It is about time you started eating those chocolates yourself, man! I bet you don’t know that chocolates contain flavonoids which increase blood flow through the arteries and relaxes blood vessels, sending blood to all the right regions, that boost pleasure.


  • Avocado PearsAnother popular delicacy in Ghana. The scrotum-like looking fruit is rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin E, and potassium too. Aside that, avocados produce good fats to protect your heart and boost circulation, while the availability of carotenoids supply energy and stamina.


  • OatsA great problem solver. If you don’t know how to prepare this popular breakfast, just locate the bread-and-egg seller closest to you and enjoy a bowlful. Oats are a good source of l-arginine, an amino acid used to treat erectile dysfunction, and also lowers cholesterol levels.


  • PorkI don’t know why Ghanaians have nicknamed it ‘Charles’ but what I know is pig meat or pork is very rich in thiamine, which is required for a healthy nervous system. The secret here is, thiamine aids quick nervous reflexes and makes for hard, sustained blue steels.


  • SalmonThey are parked with omega-3 fatty acids which improve blood circulation. In fact these acids release nitric oxide which make the blood less sticky, facilitate a quick erection, and keep your tent pole firm.


  • ChilliHave you ever wondered why it felt like blood was rushing to your brain while you were sat behind those two balls of kenkey with extraordinarily hot chilli sauce? Well, it is because chilli causes your blood vessels to expand. Aside that, it specifically forces more blood into vessels in the penis.


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