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19-Year-Old Student Finds £1,000 Cash Inside Newly Purchased Trainers


Can you count the number of times you came back from shopping at your favourite ‘bend-down’ boutique, and combed through the pockets and openings of your acquired items in hope that you would find some few forgotten notes? Countless, right?

Well, in Manchester, nineteen-year-old Ella Gilman of the Manchester Metropolitan University bought a pair of trainers on eBay and found a whooping £1,000 stuffed inside one of them.

Ella Gilman, 19, returned the £1,000 stashed inside her new pair of trainers.

The teenager was shocked upon noticing the cash- kept in an envelope and buried in one of the insoles- so called to notify the woman who sold the shoes to her about the mistake, and subsequently, returned the money.

The vendor, Laura Hazeldine, who lives about 260 miles away from Ella said she wanted to publicly thank the 19-year-old, adding that her compassionate act had uplifted her confidence in humanity.

She explained that she was already convinced that the money she hid in her house for safe keeping was lost, after she forgot where she had kept it.

According to Laura, many other people would have kept the money. Hence, was slack-jawed by the genuine character of Ella, who refunded it via bank transaction just 25 minutes after contacting her. Unbelievable!!

As her reward, the money Ella Gilman spent on the trainers was repaid to her by Laura, who says she would be sending her some vouchers as well.



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