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Why This Harry Potter Star’s Career Went Down

Rupert Grint playing Ronald Weasley

Two of the three main characters in the screen adaptation of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, seem to have had things going very well for them. Harry And Hermione have had wonderful careers after Hogwarts. Not so much for Rupert Grint. He hasn’t.

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson who played Harry and Hermione, have had roles in other successful movies outside of the Harry Potter universe, riding the early fame that was brought on by Harry Potter when they were just about ten years old. But the red-haired Rupert Grint who played Ronald Weasley, has been missing in action. He has only starred in some obscure television series and movies here and there.

How did it happen?

Well, acting and the superstar life is not for everybody. Rupert seems to be the type that prefers to have a normal life and the ability to go out anonymously without being recognized by everyone and drawing attention to himself. People do ask him for selfies but maybe not much like his other colleagues.

And while other actors and actresses never forget to hype themselves and stay active on social media, Rupert Grint still does not have even a Twitter account. He says he knows he’s the only one in the world who is still not on Twitter but when he sits down, he just can’t find it in him to sign up. Emma Watson has verified Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Daniel Radcliffe has somewhat decent accounts on Facebook and Twitter. And Rupert? Help us find his real accounts.

While working on the final moments of Harry Potter, his other two friends were looking sharp and acting in a few other movies. And since then, they’ve continued to act in some good movies. Daniel Radcliffe has starred in movies like The Woman in Black and A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Emma Watson has also been cast in Noah, Beauty and the Beast and some other remarkable movies. On the other hand, Rupert has spent most of his acting time on small film projects and television series, some of which are flops.

He once described acting as an activity that is “intense” and there were rumours that he was considering quitting acting entirely for good. Not everyone is equipped for being on screen. That’s understandable.

But here’s another trait that has been letting him down: Rupert Grint has admitted that he has difficulty turning people down. In the film industry, that can be quite damaging for a young actor since the success of a movie helps the actors and actresses to land more opportunities. Consequently, every movie you take part in which flops also makes you less attractive.

But don’t feel sorry for him. You know one of the things that has been rumoured to be keeping him off the screens? Guess what? Well, it’s … partying hard.


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