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This Test Will Tell What Matters Most To You


What are the things that matter most to you in life? For even those who are sure that they know, there can be some things dear to them on a level which they may not even be aware of.

Take this quick personality test and let’s see. Read this short story and answer the questions that follow.

There are two neighboring islands. There are two men living on the first island: an uncivilized savage and a civilized man. On the other island there are several people, among them a girl who is in love and has a relationship with the civilized man on the first island.

The girl wants to go to the first island to meet her lover so she asks the only boatman of the island how much he will charge to take her there. The boatman says: “I do not want any money but I will take you to the other island, if you undress and ride naked in my boat.”

The girl is shocked. Not knowing what to do she goes to the wise man of the island to ask for help. He listens to her story with attention and gives this simple advice: Do what your heart tells you, my child.” So the girl decides to accept the proposal of the boatman in order to meet her beloved man.

She rides naked in the boat to the other island but when they arrive, the savage is on the seafront and gets crazy at the sight of the naked woman so he rapes her. At that same moment, the civilized man comes and sees the scene. He goes very angry and tells the girl that he does not want her anymore and she must leave immediately.

The End.

Examine the five characters of the story: the savage, the civilized man, the girl, the boatman and the wise man. Who would you consider to be the best character?

Take a minute to rate the characters in the story from the best to the worst so that number 1 is the character you believe to be the best personality and number 5 is the character you believe to be the worst person.

Do you have your mental list from one to five ready? Okay, get ready for what it all means.

The savage represents how important sex is to you.

The boatman represents how important money is to you.

The wise man is how much you rely on logic.

The girl represents your need for love and an emotional relationship.

The civilized man stands for the Importance of other people’s opinion.

So which one came tops? Which of these are dearer to you?



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