Amazing; The Tastiest Banana in The World is Blue!

    The blue Java banana

    Would you eat a blue-coloured banana? We would quickly call it a “GMO banana” and give it back to whoever has it but it’s true that not all bananas are green before they become yellow.

    The blue Java banana which grows in parts of Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, is named so because it is blue when it’s unripe.

    But the colour blue is not the only thing special about it. The plant is very resistant against cold and wind too, since it’s got strong roots and is more firmly anchored to the ground than other species of banana.

    And what’s more special, the blue Java banana is called the “ice cream banana” in the islands of Hawaii. That’s because it smells, tastes and feels just like vanilla-flavoured ice cream. Or vanilla custard, whichever one whets your appetite more.

    When it ripens though, you can’t really tell the blue Java banana apart from others. It gets light yellow in colour. Only the ice-creaminess distinguishes it from other varieties of banana.

    Despite its weird blue shade, this banana according to the natives, has been growing in the islands of Hawaii since the 1920s! From Southeast Asia it has been introduced to parts of the US and Central America.

    The blue Java banana will be worth trying for those of us who like drinking banana smoothies and eating banana with ice cream or custard. Unfortunately this banana doesn’t seem to be so common around the world.


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