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Neymar’s Injury Tricks Have Really Got the World Laughing

Neymar Jnr

Neymar has really done it. Once upon a time a wonderkid at Santos, one to be watched and marked for the future, the great promise shown by the youngster saw him leave Brazil for Europe where he’s played at the top and won some silverware.

Then in 2018, he went to the World Cup in Russia and made a total mess of himself.

The Brazilian forward’s ridiculous injury antics which seem to suggest that an opponent has hidden a sharp blade on their boots, have made him the butt of jokes.

While Neymar appears a bit delicate and initially got Barcelona’s doctors suggesting that he would have to gain some weight when he first arrived in Europe, it’s clear that when he’s on field now, the Brazilian often makes too much drama out of his injuries and tackles.

The striker was at his worst at the Russia 2018 World Cup. The internet responded accordingly with the #Neymarchallenge which has seen various memes of him posted all over. Like this ridiculous one.

And off the internet too. The Mexican club Tijuana spent their half time break during a pre-season match, in a rolling-on-the-ground race.

Kids have not been left out of the fun. Youth soccer academies are also having their share of the #Neymarchallenge.

But wait. Now it’s tennis players at Wimbledon having a go at the Brazilian. A tennis player from Sweden, Jonas Bjorkman, who took a small hit from a tennis ball, dropped to the ground in an agony that was obviously an act in mockery of Neymar.

Join us in congratulating Neymar who has done well to create a legacy and leave a lasting impression on the beautiful game and other sports beyond.


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