He trekked 20 Miles to Work, so His Boss Dashed Him a New Car

    Walter Carr, a university student in Alabama, gave his all on his first day at work. He set out around midnight to walk 7 hours to his new workplace which was 20 miles away, because his car had broken down. And what happened? His boss gave away his own car to Walter – a 2014 Ford Escape.

    Walter Carr was to start work on July 13 at Bellhops Moving, a company which helps people move into their new home. His friend had agreed the day before, to drop him off at work. But things took a twist later in the day.

    Walter slept for a while on Thursday evening and saw a missed call from his friend. When he called back, his friend said he wouldn’t be able to drop him off at his new job like they agreed. Walter started looking for other options, calling friends and people he knew to see who could give him a lift. His new workplace was just a 45-minute drive away but the journey on foot would take 7 hours.

    With no choice and not wanting to offer excuses, he left for work around midnight. Every car on the highway was going past him as he was making the tough journey. Then at about 3 or 4 am, a policeman stopped him and asked him where he was going. “This is going to sound real crazy but I’m actually heading to work,” Walter replied. After asking him several more questions, the cops gave him a lift and later took him to a joint for breakfast before allowing him to continue to work.

    Walter Carr never paid attention to the fact that after his 7 hour walk, he would be helping to carry and move a family’s belongings. So when the cops told his story, the family he was going to help to move that day was impressed. So too was the CEO of Bellhops, Luke Marklin.

    The CEO called Walter Carr and invited him out for coffee. But he had a surprise waiting for Walter: the CEO’s own 2014 Ford Escape, fairly new and in very good condition. Luke Marklin explained later that when he heard about this new employee, he knew right away that he had to do something for this extraordinary guy.

    It was the perfect meeting of a very dedicated worker and a generous rewarding boss. Walter was driven to tears by the gift. He had only set out to do his job but he was now beginning to look like a hero.

    He later had this to say: “This was the first job in a long time to give me an opportunity to get hired. I wanted to show them I got the dedication. I said I’m going to get to this job one way or another.”

    “I want people to know this: no matter what the challenge is, you can break through the challenge. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible.”

    Are you giving off your best at work?


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