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Apple to Retreat With a New Cheaper iPhone?


Apple will announce some new smartphones in the coming months, and the company is very likely to beat some kind of a retreat by introducing a phone more affordable than the iPhone X.

It is a bit unusual for an iPhone model newly introduced to the market to cost less than its predecessor or to have lower specs. But these are unusual times for Apple which has seens its profits falter a bit. It seems that a $1,000 iPhone X (iPhone 10) is not a very good idea and the company has realized it.

Apple will now look to give some more options to its customers with this cheaper phone which might be named iPhone 9. That’s if the company sticks to using numbers to name its phones. If not, the phone could have a different name.

Rumours about the newcomer iPhone model indicate that it will carry on with the full screen front design. But unlike the iPhone X, it will have a 6.1-inch LCD screen and not an OLED screen which is more expensive and contributes to the high price of the iPhone X. The rear camera might also have one lens and not two lenses like the iPhone X, sacrificing some of the fancy features for a lower price.

This phone is expected to be available by November 2018 in the price range of $600 to $700.

Like Apple does with almost every generation of the iPhone, there will also be a slightly bigger version of the iPhone X announced soon, which is likely to be named the iPhone X Plus. Apart from a having a bigger 6.5-inch screen, this variant will have some other improvements inside.

Like iPhone X, the price of the iPhone X-Plus will also be something in the region of $1,000 at its introduction. The iPhone X on the other hand, will likely see its price drop to something in the region of $800 – $900.

Sales of the last iPhone have been bad since its introduction – less than half of what Apple expected – although other models like the iPhone 6S, 7 and 8 are still doing quite well. At a point, it was even rumoured that the company was going to cancel and discontinue selling it.

If the iPhone 9 is launched with lower specs and lower price, it could be a sign that the price of Apple’s smartphone has probably reached its ceiling. It could also prove to be a step in the right direction by bringing more options to its customers who are not very willing to part with $1,000.


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