There’s no cure for the madness of an angry mob. An Indonesian village has slaughtered 292 crocodiles in a revenge attack after a 48-year-old-man was killed by a crocodile near a crocodile breeding farm. The incident occurred in a province in Eastern Indonesia.

The crocodile breeding farm had been licensed in 2013 to breed endangered crocodiles, for preservation and harvesting of leather, with the requirement that the crocodiles would not cause trouble in the village.

Apparently, the breeding farms are not well demarcated so the victim was able to enter the area. He was believed to be gathering grass for animal feed when the crocodile attacked and killed him.

While a logical suggestion was made by the head of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Indonesia, that going forward all licensed crocodile breeding farms in the region should properly fence off the areas around their farms and put up some warning signs, it was a little too late.

The angry villagers had already decided that the death of one man was enough to make them wish for the discontinuation of the conservation exercise. First, the man’s family went with many other people to the police station where they were told that a compensation would be paid to the man’s family. They were not satisfied so they armed themselves and went on rampage, killing almost 300 crocodiles and gathering their bodies in a heap. The police and wildlife officials were outnumbered and unable to stop them.

Worsening the loss of the crocodiles from the mob action, officials of Indonesia’s conservation agency had to burn the dead crocodiles because the agency is against allowing young, small and even medium-sized crocodiles to be exploited for leather.


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