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You Can Now Make Video Calls on Instagram


Mark Zuckerberg means business. After introducing the video status feature on WhatsApp in February 2017 to crush Snapchat, the Facebook boss has moved on to giving Skype some competition through his image-sharing platform Instagram.

Instagram has announced that it has introduced video calling on the medium. Users can now hold one-on-one video chats or group chats supporting up to four users. The feature is also available in the latest versions of Instagram on Android and iOS.

Video chats allow users to multitask on the platform. Users can minimize video chats to do other things like uploading a photo, sending direct messages to friends or scrolling through the Instagram feed.

To start a video chat, tap the paper aeroplane in the top right to bring up the message inbox. Start or open an existing message thread and tap the camera icon in the top right. The red phone icon at the bottom of the screen ends an ongoing video chat.

To join a group video chat, open up the group message thread and tap the camera icon (which turns blue when there’s an active group video chat).

The notification settings for video chat are accessible under the settings icon and available under “push notifications.”

Time will tell us how much competition this latest Instagram feature will give to Skype and whether it will be successful in crushing Skype.


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