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The Wearable Chair: A Solution to Working With Chronic Back Pain

The Noonee chairless chair

What if you suffer chronic back pain or from some other muscular or skeletal issue which makes it difficult for you to stand for long periods while working? What if you were now offered a light exoskeleton chair that you could strap to your legs, enabling you to instantly take a seat any time? That’s what the “chairless chair” is for.

And it doesn’t prove much of a challenge to carry around or an obstacle for people around you. You can quickly take a seat where you’re standing or rise up from sitting and start walking in it wherever you are.

It’s made by the Swiss company Noonee, based in Zurich.

Despite being a little funny in concept, the chairless chair has a market since it fills a certain void, however small that may be. It will be a hasty conclusion to think there won’t be much of a market for it. Some workplaces and many older people with chronic back pain might find the chair very useful for work.

Imagine a photographer who spends a lot of time standing to take photos during an event. Now with this chair, that photographer can just sit down in an instant if they’re tired of standing, without having to borrow somebody’s chair; crucial if they’ve got a back problem.

People who work in certain tight workspaces which don’t have enough space for a chair and which require standing for long hours, could also do with this chair.

And it’s quite easy to use. For instance, it takes only half a minute to wear and just a little instruction from the company, to utilize fully. While weighing just 3.3 kilos, it can support a load of up to 130 kg.

There are a few downsides. While wearing the Noonee chairless chair, you cannot kneel and you cannot climb stairs. But it’s possible to pick up an object that is lying on the floor.

The biggest drawback is perhaps the chairless chair’s price. A single unit costs € 3,750. While some discounts will kick in for large orders, that’s still quite a hefty price. People with chronic back pain who have to stand and work for long hours might disagree.


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