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The Acoustic Guitar Just Got Much More Portable


The acoustic guitar just got more portable. This weird-looking electric guitar is known as Jammy. It doesn’t have an acoustic box or any tuning pegs and can be broken down to fit into quite a small bag.

It’s essentially a guitar with just the neck and fretboard, the part of the strings meant for plucking, and a small body and pick guard. All the parts are removable, even the strings near the bridge and the fretboard.

The bridge and the fretboard are two separate units so the strings you pluck or strum are not the same strings on the fretboard. But of course, the sound produced is perfectly fine. Input data from these two units which have a direct connection, is combined to produce the exact sound that a regular guitar would produce.

The days of carrying a long guitar in a big bag on your back are numbered. When disassembled, the longest part of Jammy, the neck, is just about 17 inches and can easily fit into a backpack. That’s because the neck ends right at the nut before the first fret. The guitar also has no headstock and tuning pegs.

When used with its accompanying mobile app, Jammy allows the user to use different types of guitars and to change the tuning.

With a USB port, internal batteries providing over four hours of play and an audio jack, you could just pack it along with you even on a flight, with very little penalty.

Jammy is expected to be on sale in October 2018. If you’re a guitarist who likes what you’re seeing, you can pre-order it here.


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