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Personal Development: BKC Consulting to Hold Course for Teens


Teenagers experience a lot of physical, intellectual and emotional changes which can sometimes be overwhelming. However, with the right guidance and support they can develop into their purpose and live fulfilling lives.

That is why the reputable branding, personal and professional development company BKC Consulting is organizing the Aspire4Greatness School, a personal development workshop uniquely crafted for teenagers.

Think of it this way: you have a ward who just completed their BECE examinations at home awaiting their results. What would you have them do to occupy them? This is the best time to engage and equip them for the years ahead with proper guidance, skills and personal development training. BKC Consulting has carefully designed this workshop to meet that particular need.

The five-day Personal Development School will be activity-driven and will seek to impart practical training on participants for three hours each day, for their personal and professional development, which will place them ahead of their peers.

The course outline includes:

  • Purpose Discovery: how to find your purpose and live with passion.
  • Career Guidance: how to pick careers based on your talents, passion, and purpose.
  • How to develop successful habits in college/senior high school
  • Goa Setting: how to set and achieve goals. Understanding the 7 Goals every young person must set.
  • Social Media:understanding the effects of social media.

Dealing with cyber-bullying.

How to prevent and overcome social media addiction.

How to use social media effectively

  • Blogging: setting up and managing blogs for fun and profit.
  • How to develop a reading and learning habit. Making learning fun and fruitful.

The Aspire4Greatness workshop will be held from 3rd to 7th July at DesignCenter, Yellow House in North Legon, Agbogba.

The registration fee is 300 GhC (200 GhC for early bird registration) and includes lunch, a certificate and some books.

Interested persons should call 0244961121 for registration.


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