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Motorbikes Are About to Go Electric Too

The Zeus motorbike (Image: Curtiss)

Electric cars are slowly taking over as the world gets more conscious about climate change. There’s little doubt they could become the norm in the distant future, and take over, partially or even completely from fuel burners.

If anyone thought motorbikes were not a very serious environmental concern like automobiles because of lower emissions, some motorcycle companies aren’t sitting around for policy makers to pressure them into making their bikes climate friendly.

One such company is Curtiss Motorcycles, a motorcycle company in Alabama which was formerly known as Confederate Motors.

The electric motorcycle is on the horizon for the near future and Curtiss Motors is readying one of the coolest models for the market.

This vehicle, still in development, is powered by a 14kWh battery that drives twin motors working together to move a single shaft. According to its maker, the motorbike’s power system is the first of its kind although the idea behind its power system was invented by Glenn Curtiss, an American engineer and motorcycle maker of the early 20th century.

In 2017, the company changed its name from Confederate Motorcycles to Curtiss Motorcycles in honour of him, and announced its vision to usher in a new “golden age of motorcycling”. It’s now very clear what they meant.

Image: Curtiss Motors

Little is known about this bike’s special features but it is expected that it will have shock absorbers both in the front and the back and LED lights. It is also rumoured, there’ll be some type of iPad in the dashboard.

The Zeus electric motorcycle is expected to be on sale by 2020. We’ll see if it can live up to the name of the king of the gods.

Already, some motorcyclists in America are not very impressed for a funny reason: the bike will be a bit quiet because it’s electric!


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