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This Huge Temple Was Built by Carving it From the Mountain

Kailasa Temple

Once in a while, you spot an ancient marvel that makes you regret there was no photography back then to capture the various stages of the construction process. One such example is Kailasa temple, a Hindu temple in India which was carved out of a rock.

Even more baffling is that this temple was built way back in the 8th century during the time of King Krishna the first whom historians believe reigned from around 757 to 774 AD. And there are several of such temples across India.

The temple was carved out of the mountainside from roof to foundation. Basically, the builders went to the rock site with a plan and started smashing and breaking out chunks of stone from the top, until it resulted in this temple.

The temple as seen from the top of the rock used to carve it

Archaeologists estimate that about 400,000 tons of stone was removed from the mountain, using only three types of chisel, based on the marks left on the stone structure.

It towers 100 feet into the sky and covers an area measuring 150 by 270 feet.

Looking at the complexity of the temple, its size and the amount of work that went into it, some historians believe that it was not completed during the reign of Krishna I but rather had its construction spanning hundreds of years which include the reign of his successors.

Complex carvings on the Temple’s walls

Carving the huge building alone would have been difficult enough but some of the walls also bear small intricate artworks which would have demanded a lot of work and attention.

Kailasa temple, designated a World Heritage Site, is testament to what the human mind can conceive and what the patience of a carver can achieve.


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