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How to Get Air Conditioning on a Low Budget


If you do put up with quite some uncomfortable heat and sweat at home or at work and there’s no air conditioning available because you cannot really afford one and its associated electricity cost, then small personal area coolers might be an option worth considering, especially if you’re looking at small rooms.

The price and operating costs are quite low. What’s more there’s a growing number of brands in this product’s market such as Kinbelle, Evapolar, Arctic Air and CoolAir, giving you options.

Personal area coolers provide some air conditioning (or at least something like that) to keep your room cool at minimal electricity cost – the equivalent of charging a USB device. That’s because these light and small air coolers draw just about 5 volts and are actually powered through USB ports: you don’t even need a power socket although a power socket and USB-compliant charger can also do the trick.

They basically work by evaporating water into the air that blows out of the machine, to increase humidity around you, so usually all you need is to fill the little air conditioner with water before powering it on. In fact some brands of this small air cooler actually sell out with just the air cooler, a USB cable and a manual.

Don’t be deceived by the size. Small and light as they are, some of them can provide cooling that is noticeable and which you can feel clearly. And some also work to filter the air in addition to cooling.

Most personal area coolers have some of the main adjustable settings that air conditioners have, like variable fan speeds and adjustable vanes so that you can control the direction in which the machine blows out the cool air. And some also have variable temperature settings.

Very regular use may require the replacement of some parts but it’s still a viable option if you deal with some heat and yet find conventional air conditioners expensive. On the average, these little coolers sell out for something in the range of $90 to $180 – not a bad bargain if you’re hot.


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