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Royal Wedding Guests Cashing in on Their Free Souvenirs


It appears the royal wedding’s hypnotism on the world isn’t going to wear away so quickly.

After all the hype before and during the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, some people are still quite fascinated with it after its end. Accordingly, some people who were present at the royal wedding are trying to cash in on that.

Small gift bags which were given freely to guests who were at the wedding, are selling for hundreds and thousands of dollars on eBay, never mind that they got them for free.

The contents of the gift bag distributed to guests at the wedding, are nothing more than a copy of the wedding’s order of service, a branded bottle of water, a small jar of shortbread, a chocolate coin, a magnet and a shopping discount voucher of 20%.

But some parcels from the wedding comprising the gift bag and its contents, are listed on eBay and are attracting bids of more than $1,200.

Other items from the wedding are being auctioned by guests, such as this KFC bucket also made specially for the wedding day. It is  listed on eBay with a price of £400 (about $536). According to its description, just 50 of it were made, available only from KFC at Windsor.

How fascinated are you with the wedding and all this? How much would you pay for any of these items? Or do you think this is crazy?


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