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Here’s What That ‘Smile’ in the Amazon Logo Means


The ecommerce giant Amazon has been using this logo since the year 2000: 18 years now. Beneath the word Amazon is a curved line which looks something like a smile.

It sure is a smile but the “smile” under the letters is actually an arrow, as you can see, pointing from the letter A to the letter Z.

Thankfully, the line doubles as a smile too, representing the obvious: customer satisfaction.

But principally, it is an arrow from A to Z meaning that the company sells everything from A to Z – anything you can think of. And it sure does.

On Amazon.com, you can order a combination of items that are very unrelated and receive it in a few days; any odd combination of items that you can imagine, from clothing and accessories, electronics, sporting equipment, toys, books, movies or whatever, and they will be delivered.


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