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Can You See What’s Odd About This Highway in The Matrix?


Can you spot anything odd about that highway? The image is a scene from The Matrix: Reloaded and that highway which stretches about 1.5 miles, was used for some action scenes in the movie.

If you can’t spot it right away, we won’t blame you too much. We wouldn’t be asking if it was so obvious anyway.

That highway was constructed entirely of wood inside an old naval base in California! It was put together by the film directors – the Wachowski brothers (before they both became trans women) – and the production team of The Matrix. So there’s not a block of concrete or tar in this highway that you’re seeing.

The highway, expertly styled to look just like concrete and tar for the movie’s highway chase, was fenced off with a 19-foot wall also made of wood and styled to look like concrete. It all cost $2.5 million to construct.

Here’s the road and what’s behind this scene in The Matrix from the sky.

You can see clearly, the supposed concrete walls around the highway is just wood. And that overhead bridge leads nowhere. So this “road” is now no more.

You’ve got to admire the people who made it appear as good as it did.

And thankfully, almost everything used in shooting the movie was recycled. The wood was used in providing housing for people in Mexico. A mile and a half of wooden road going waste after making the film, was surely going to draw concerns from environmentalists.


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