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This Tiny Drone is the Ultimate Gadget for Selfie Lovers


Instagram likes count for something in this generation, don’t they? They do. Many celebrities for instance, earn a lot of money from making endorsements to their Instagram followers. So having a good following on Instagram can be useful. You just have to be careful not to get into debt trying to be a star on Instagram.

Now to amassing the likes and followers, the AirSelfie 2 Drone is one gadget that you could probably use to up your game.

This small palm-fitting drone which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is a second generation device, an improvement over the AirSelfie which was introduced a few years ago.

Purposely made for taking aerial selfies and weighing just 80 grams, this drone will ensure you don’t have to hold a selfie stick for your group photos while struggling to capture everyone. You won’t also have to stop a stranger to take your photos or have your selfies taken only from arm’s length. Yes, that’s right, the short era of the selfie stick is almost gone.

The drone’s available colours

AirSelfie 2 is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera and an 85˚ field of vision, and can climb up to 65 feet to take all the memorable shots you want, controlled by you from an Android or iOS device through its app and a Wi-Fi connection.

The drone also comes with a 16-gigabyte micro SD card; you’ll take a ton of photos before ever having to worry about storage space.

Perhaps the only clear weakness to this device is its power source. The drone is powered by a small 7.4-volt rechargeable battery which although is light and good for its weight and flight, can only power five minutes of continuous flight. That means little time to take your photos and little time to play around with the drone trying to get your pictures looking Insta-perfect.

That said, the AirSelfie 2 is overall, quite a remarkable gadget that could be worth having for its price of $250 to $300 (depending on the vendor).


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