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This is The Reason Why We Get Happy When We Fall in Love


You get with someone new. The attraction is mutual and deep. You feel like you’re over the moon and the world now has more colour. Congratulations! You’re in love.

But why exactly does love feel that way? Why does the world get beautiful all of a sudden?

The answer lies in some sort of a biological reward and punishment mechanism used by the human brain to keep us alive and ensure our own survival. According to scientists, the human brain uses hormones and neurotransmitters to make us feel good when you do something that is good for the survival of the human and the continuity of the human race as a whole.

When you fall in love with someone you’re doing something that is essential for the survival of the human species. How? You’re increasing your possibility of mating and bringing another human being into the world.

Accordingly, your brain says “well done” and rewards you with a supply of some hormones that make you feel good.

The opposite happens when you keep yourself isolated from people. The human being has a lower chance of surviving apart from others, not forgetting that in keeping yourself isolated, you’re lowering your chances of finding a partner and creating new life.

So what happens? Your brain reduces your endorphin levels and you slump into moodiness. You start feeling lonely and if you don’t do anything about it, over time you’ll feel a low sense of self-worth. You will feel depressed and eventually in the worst case, you will feel suicidal.

This also partly explains why most of the time a breakup or a rejection hurts. It needs to, for our own survival. A breakup or a rejection represents a stumbling block to the relations that ensure the continuation of the human species. So your brain punishes you rightly, yet again.

Don’t you love nature right now?


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