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Slaying on Instagram Got This Slay Queen a $10,000 Debt

Instagram/Lissette Calveiro

Her name is Lissette Calveiro. She moved to New York for a four-month internship and got captivated by the flashy life of Instagram slay queens. She caved in under the pressure and became an “influencer”.

Lissette’s internship in New York was not paying very much. It didn’t stop her from digging into her savings and her little earnings from her other part-time job. With several credit cards too at her disposal, she started to dine and shop in exquisite locations. She even bought a camera to take better pictures of her slaying to upload on Instagram!

Lissette eventually left New York after getting a full time job in Miami. But with her spending habits, the designer clothes, the luxury dining, the travelling, high heels and high life, she was still piling more debt gradually. Her instagram following of more than 10,000 people at the time, meant that she could not afford to be seen repeating any clothes.

Saving money was never a consideration. And yet, beneath the flashy lifestyle, the iPhone selfies and the slaying, she was getting into financial distress.

“I was living a lie,” Lissette said while telling her story to the New York Post.

Instagram/Lissette Calveiro

In late 2016, the slay queen eventually had to start paying off her debts so she was forced to start living within her means while shedding out payments for her debts which had accrued some interest. It took her 14 months.

It didn’t take a prophet to lift hands and shout “receive sense”. Lissette is now wiser. Even though she still slays and has got a bigger following on Instagram than before, she manages her finances better and uses her blog Marketable Millennial, to advise young people not to follow her footsteps into debt.

“I think that people just need to be more honest about living at their means because social media has created such a big pressure for people to live a really inaccessible lifestyle. I just want more people to have conversations like that and to understand that social media perception is never worth going into debt for.”

It’s quite easy to feel left out when you see some of the things that your friends upload on social media: the places they go, what they eat and so on. Some of your friends are living a lie. Don’t get it twisted.


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