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The Biological Reason Why Men Like Curves

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Few men will deny that they love curves; only one percent. But out of this one percent, half of them know how to steal low-key glances at a woman’s hips and ass.

The rest have some nice pictures on their phones, I tell you. Men will always be men.

A few years ago, I was sitting alone in the back seat of a small trotro that was going through the streets of Dansoman. In the seats in front of me, there were only men; about four or five. And then I saw it. I was the one who saw it first. A Toyota Tundra was walking alone on the pavement to my right.

After looking for a few seconds, I quickly turned my attention into the mini bus to make a prophecy. And sure enough, before I could do it, all the men in the bus quickly turned their heads to the right and locked eyes on her like it was some well-planned choreography. Time no dey!

But there’s a scientific reason to men’s attraction to a woman’s ASSets. It’s a survival instinct. Thing is that a woman with good hips has a better chance of delivering children without any complications, compared to a woman who’s got none. But that’s just speaking generally. It’s not granted that a woman with curves will always experience a problem-free childbirth while a woman who doesn’t have will always have problems.

So whenever a man sees a woman with good curves, that’s his cue that “this woman can have my children and she stands a good chance of delivering and surviving along with the child.” It’s the same thing with boobs. If a woman is well endowed in the front, that’s another positive sign to a man that his children will have all the breast milk they will need.

So the main purpose of a woman having goodies is to attract men to pursue and mate with the women who are most suitable for childbirth.

All this happens on quite a subconscious level such that many men who find a lot of comfort and happiness in a woman’s curves are not even aware what’s actually going on. The feel good factor seems to be nature’s own way of making sure men enjoy the work they’re supposed to do to ensure the survival of the human race.

You. Clap for nature right now.



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