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Drug Dealers Got Arrested Through Fingerprints From This Photo


If you were a detective, how would you try to catch the drug dealer selling these drugs and marketing them on WhatsApp with this photo? Would you even succeed?

In many countries, the police wouldn’t be able to do anything about it and would just give up or adopt some ineffective strategy against it. But not in Wales. This photo taken by a drug peddler and shared on WhatsApp, was the end for him. The police were able to extract his fingerprints!

As you can see, only a small part of the man’s palm was exposed but it was enough for the police in Wales. They were able to use the tiny bit of exposed finger to scan the fingerprints of the suspect and find him. Just this photo on WhatsApp!

The picture was found on a mobile phone that had been picked up earlier by police during a raid in 2017 where they seized large amounts of cocaine and marijuana. Combined with messages that showed that the phone had been used to do drug deals, police had all the evidence they needed.

This revolutionary feat resulted in the arrest of about 11 people connected with the drug deals.

A spokesperson for the South Wales Police said that it was the first time a picture had been used to scan for fingerprints that were used in locating and arresting a suspect.

Does this and other innovations in policing point to a growing effectiveness against crime in the developed world?


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