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How to Make Your Own Neem Insecticide


The neem tree is a good defender of itself against insects and pest. The leaves and the seeds of neem contain a chemical called azadirachtin which is a natural pest repellent for the tree.

You can also benefit from it by making neem insecticide from the leaves.

You know humans are not completely resistant to synthetic insecticides, right?  If you spray those canned insecticides frequently, remember that they’re not very safe and your respiratory system is at risk.

If insects and pests are giving you a hard time and forcing you to spray insecticides quite regularly, then it might be wise to balance your use of artificial insecticides with some natural, less harmful ones – like neem insecticide.

Fortunately, insecticide made from neem is quite potent, especially against mosquitoes. It can be used in corners where they hide and also on plants in gardens and farms.

It’s fairly simple to make insecticide from neem tree leaves. Just strip plenty leaves off the stalk and soak them in a bucket of water outdoors for a few days. Four days should be good. Alternatively, you can boil the leaves after soaking it for about one day, and leaving it in the water for the rest of the days.

After the four days, you should have an infusion with a strong smell. This is your insecticide.

After your insecticide is ready, you only need to filter out the water, discard the leaves and find a way to spray it effectively. A knapsack sprayer or other small handheld spraying bottle should do, provided it can spray the mixture into a fine mist.

Although neem insecticide is safer on the lungs because it is more natural, it also has a small weakness. It can run off surfaces quite easily because it is simply water containing chemicals, whereas canned artificial insecticides are kind of oily. If you find that the insecticide runs off surfaces too easily after spraying it, you can solve this problem by mixing it with a little cooking oil. Add one teaspoon of cooking to every litre of neem insecticide. After adding the oil, also add half a teaspoon of liquid soap per litre of insecticide.

The oil should help the insecticide stick to surfaces a little better while the liquid soap will break down the oil and make sure it doesn’t last too long on any surface.

So that’s how to make yourself insecticide from neem.


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