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Hangovers: This Soft Drink Can Cleanse Alcohol From Your System


Who knew that common Sprite could work wonders?

The human body is quite difficult to detoxify from alcohol. When you get drunk, time is your best friend. There is very little you can do but to wait for your body to break down the alcohol from your system.

It is the process of breaking down the alcohol and the enzymes produced by the liver during that process, which are responsible for the mess that you feel when you’re drunk and when you have a hangover.

Though there are various solutions that have been dreamed up by people over the years, aimed at countering the effect of alcohol in the body, there’s nothing really that can help.

But Chinese scientists at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou came up with this one common soft drink after research. They studied over 50 different drinks ranging from teas and herbal drinks to cold soft drinks, to find out their ability to combat hangovers and alcohol levels in the body. Sprite came out tops as the most effective drink.

If you doubt the truthfulness of this research and the capabilities of Sprite, there’s one more interesting thing that the scientists found. They found that herbal drinks made with hemp seeds were found to be the worst at solving a hangover and were actually found to worsen it.

Now what comes to mind? The drink Shocker. The findings of the research are consistent with the notoriety of the infamous alcoholic drink in Ghana called shocker which is infused with Indian hemp. Shocker can cause headache, vomiting or make you feel like you’re on another planet. You can ask the British musician Ed Sheeran who drank too much of it during a visit to Ghana and ended up sitting quietly in one corner for hours.

So maybe, next time you or anyone you know drinks himself into a hangover, you can give Sprite a try and see if it’s true (we’re so sorry that we can’t get drunk and try it out for you). And don’t get drunk just because of Sprite.


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