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Coding Could be a Very Required Job Skill in Future


In the past few decades, the computer has risen to become the most prominent tool in the workplace. But as the fourth industrial revolution is taking off, a new skill appears to be the next common requirement from job seekers in the coming decades: coding.

A few decades ago, from the late 90s onwards, it became the norm for job seekers to demonstrate to employers that they had knowledge of Microsoft applications and how to use computers in general.

The global economy is transitioning into the fourth industrial revolution. As more cars and trucks begin to go driverless, and as computers take over more tasks from humans, the new world economy is one which will no doubt be based quite significantly, on powerful software.

Programmers and people who write complex software will control the new global economy. And although not all of us will be required to write complex software to be used by powerful computers and machines, a little knowledge of programming is very likely to become a commonly-required job skill across a lot of sectors.

There’s some evidence, this process may have started already. In 2016, Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, wrote on LinkedIn that every young person joining the company in their twenties will be made to learn how to code, regardless of what department they would be joining. Of course General Electric thinks this move will be vital to sustaining its success.

Still not convinced?

In 2014, the renowned Zimbabwean entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa, listed on his Facebook page, seven skills that school leavers of the times should have regardless of what they read in school. His list of skills which he said will turn you into the next Jack Ma or at least a sought-after professional, included – you guessed right – coding.

A year later, Strive Masiyiwa shared a photo of two young Nigerian brothers who used their programming skills to develop a browser for cheap smartphones that do not process data very well. He commented that the next Bill Gates will look just like the two young Nigerian brothers.

If you like computers, if you spend a lot of time using them but don’t know how to code, just remember computers wouldn’t be usable without other people doing some needed coding. If you don’t know jack about programming yet, you might want to consider this a time to start learning.


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