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It’s Time to Stop Asking ‘When are You Getting Married?’


If you’re in your mid-twenties to mid-thirties and unmarried, chances are that you encounter this question once in a while, if not very regularly. If you’re in this age bracket and are married, good for you. If you’re not, rest assured that someone understands you.

They just pop the question like getting married and starting a family is so easy for everyone to do. Tsoo!

But it’s time to stop asking your friends this question. And as for those who ask almost everyday, we pray Baba God that …

Okay, change of heart. Like I was going to say, we pray for this to happen to them: A man in Indonesia killed his neighbour for asking him ‘when are you getting married?’, according to media reports in the country. So the woman is dead, just like that. Time no dey!


the suspect


Faiz Nurdin, a 28-year-old man, killed his neighbour, a pregnant woman called Aisyah, who had been worrying him with the question. He was sitting in front of his house when Aisyah, passing by, asked him the question.

Faiz paid her a ‘visit’ later in the day. The victim invited him into the hall and while she was going inside to her room, he followed her and strangled her to death with his hands. After killing her, he took her smartphone and a sum of money, about $59 and fled.

Faiz Nurdin was later picked up by the police.

So that’s it. A pregnant woman died for bothering her neighbour with ‘when are you getting married?’ If you have a friend who is not married, don’t ask them this question. Chances are that they’re carrying a host of problems in their head. Don’t go and add to their worries.


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