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This One Secret Helps You Lose Weight Faster


Need to lose weight? Fitness experts are a little divided on this tactic and some discount its effectiveness. But it really works for some and can be a deciding factor if you’re overweight and trying to lose some weight. It’s the practice of jogging in the morning on an empty stomach.

Some even hype it as the best way to burn fat. This is what happens when you do it.

In the morning, your blood sugar level is usually low from the long hours spent sleeping. If you look at the intervals between breakfast, lunch and supper, the longest waiting period is the time between supper and breakfast which you spend sleeping. The body would have done with another meal somewhere around midnight if not for sleep.

That’s just by the way. So back to the real issue, your body’s sugar level is usually low in the morning.

When you jog before breakfast, your body will make use of glucose already stored in the body (in the form of glycogen). As you’re jogging or doing your cardio workout, since you’re low on glycogen, your body uses it up quickly and is then compelled to turn to another source of fuel – fat. Compared to other times when you’re not so low on glycogen, your body is not going to tap so much into your fat reserves.

So that’s the catch and that’s how running on an empty stomach works.

And fortunately, after jogging on an empty stomach, the body does not compel you to compensate for the loss of fat reserves with your breakfast or other meals. You won’t feel hungrier than someone who didn’t jog on an empty stomach. And you won’t be able to eat more food during the day just because you burned some fat in the morning.

One more thing. Jogging in the morning on an empty stomach is not a magic wand, so don’t go eating plenty of foods rich in sugar, fat and oils and expect the best results.



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