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How I realized I Would Never Sleep in Church Again

Like sleeping in church? Hmm

I raised my head and my face met that of a beautiful young lady. I wondered if she was real or if I was dreaming. I wanted to ask her. I also wanted to ask her “Where am I?” but I had to try and find out first, so I cast a look around.

The room looked familiar and yet it was a bit unfamiliar. It was a room I knew as my church’s auditorium. But there was something odd. Behind me, the walls of the auditorium seemed to have been raised higher; same design but just higher.

I turned to my right and my face met the beautiful young  woman again. I realized that though she was seated, her face was a little elevated above mine, just like the chairs arranged in the church.

I’m dreaming about my childhood. I’m a little boy all again. Or maybe even, a toddler. It must be somewhere in the early 90s. That explains why I’ve become so short.

I cast another look around to see what else had changed in the church on this journey into my past.To my left, there was an empty chair. It got my attention. There was something about it that I couldn’t figure out immediately.

Then moments later, it hit me. That empty chair was mine. I had been sitting on that chair. In a flash, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I was not dreaming about my childhood. This was not a dream at all. This was a New Year’s Eve watch night service, live. I had been sleeping in church and had fallen off my seat on to the floor.

Oh! What a way to be preparing to enter the new year!

And as if falling was not bad enough, it took me a while to get it. I was so deeply asleep that I did not quickly realize what had happened. I was still sitting on the floor and looking around like a drunkard trying to find my bearings. Oh Yawa!

Sleeping in church: how I feel when I remember

The woman! The beautiful, young lady who was looking at me must have been struggling so hard not to laugh her heart out. Or if she was not that kind of lady at all, she must have felt a very deep pity for me.

It’s been 22 years. I thank my stars that she left the church and she’s probably forgotten my face and the whole incident.

I’ve never found myself sleeping in church again; for the past 22 years. Naniama! Ebe you, like you go fit sleep again?


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