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These Are The Two Keys to Achieving Your New Year Resolution


Many people start off a new year with one resolution or more. And at the beginning of the new year, there’s commitment and a lot of promise when you look at the work being put into achieving the goals. But very often, by the last quarter of the year, the story would be different.

Among those who make New Year resolutions, a huge majority will admit to their resolutions running out of steam during the year. It just happens; sometimes without you even realizing it.

But it doesn’t always have to end that way. There are many keys to achieving your new year resolutions or at least increasing your chances of success significantly. But not to overstress the point, these two keys should be enough.

The first is that the goals you set actually need to be achievable. Nothing puts one foot ahead for you better than having a goal that is realistic. Just what do we mean by realistic and achievable?

If your new year resolution is to start a business, don’t be dreaming of big profits right away. If you’re obese and find it extremely difficult to exercise and you want to lose some weight, don’t daydream of getting that perfectly slim figure within the year (although that is possible). If your goal is to learn a new skill – say programming or developing apps – don’t dream of becoming a top software maker right away in that year.

The second key is having goals with specific measurable targets. Your new year resolution is to shed some weight? What’s your weight now and how much do you want to lose? You should know that. Want to increase your typing speed to enhance your work efficiency? How many words can you get in a minute and what’s the new speed you’re aiming at? Of course, this trait can’t apply to every goal. But as much as possible, try and make your goal very specific.

So remember these two keys: realistic and specific. Now these two keys are no sure fireproof cure to the slump that eventually affects new year resolutions in the course of the year. But remember you’re more likely to fail without them than to succeed.


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