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Six Feet: The Humbling Words on Alexander the Great’s Grave

Alexander (2004; Played by Colin Farell)

The name says it all. Alexander III of Macedon (356 BC – 323 BC), founder of the Macedonian empire, earned the name Alexander the Great simply because he was great.

He was a military strategist like none other, glorious and undefeated in battle; not a single defeat. Today, many military academies across the world still teach the strategies that he used to victory.

Succeeding his father at the age of 20, he used just 12 years to build one of the biggest empires the world would ever know. At the height of its power, the Macedonian empire stretched from Greece and Egypt to its south, through parts of the Middle East all the way to India, over 5 million square kilometres!

Image: World History Maps

And Alexander the Great was not done. If not for his sudden inexplicable death at the age of 32, he had plans of expanding the empire further and conquering more kingdoms.

But for all the kingdoms that he defeated and brought under his control, it is said that his grave bore these words. Some people doubt the truthfulness and the source of this knowledge, but it is said that these were the words written on his grave:

“A tomb now suffices him for whom the world was not enough”

Man had so much power and many lands and kingdoms under his command but was still not satisfied. All of that became useless immediately he died. Six feet of earth became enough.


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