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You’ve Got to Mark Roper River!

Image: Reddit/Twitter

You might want to take note of Queensland in northern Australia, and Roper River which runs through the region.

This photo was taken in 1914 near the river. Concrete documentation for the size of this crocodile is not available but rumour puts its length around 28 feet (about 8.4 metres). You get a sense of how huge it is from the man and woman standing beside it, and how wide the crocodile’s mouth is open.

Some sceptics claim the couple are standing a bit far behind and the photographer has intentionally given the photo a perspective to make the crocodile appear huge. But granted that the photographer did that, the crocodile still shouldn’t appear this huge. It’s difficult to deny the fact that this is a monster for the records, the stuff of nightmares.

Despite its size, this huge crocodile which looks like something out of a horror movie, is said to have been killed easily with a shot to the head, near its eye, though there’s no sure way of proving that actually happened.

This very old photo shouldn’t be a big worry if not for another one.

Image: Richard Sallis

In 2014, this massive crocodile was spotted by two men while fishing on the same river. This time, they couldn’t get to take a photo near the crocodile because it was alive. And there was nothing near it for good comparison. But they claimed that in their estimation, it was like 8 metres long (about 26 feet).

A few fishermen who claimed to have also spotted this king of Roper River, agreed with the 8-metre estimation.

In comparison, the world’s largest crocodile in captivity is about 5.5 metres in length (about 18 feet) although Australia also boasts some huge crocodiles in the world, and the Guinness book of records has entered a crocodile measuring 23 feet.

Well, one thing’s clear now. Maybe, visiting Roper River might not be a very good idea.


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