Five African Artists Doing Magic With BIC Pens

    Ink art by Egyptian artist Mostafa Khodeir

    Our teachers only taught us how to write with the blue ballpoint pen. Worse than teaching us only that, mistakes were punished brutally.

    But the BIC pen can be used for more than just writing numbers and words (not that words are any less powerful than images).

    Check out these pen artists who demonstrate that it might have been worth it for our teachers to make us give this a try in school.

    1Mostafa Khodeir

    Image: Mostafa Khodeir Art

    This mindblowing drawing of a saxophone looks like you could pick it up from the paper and blow. It was drawn with a BIC pen by Egyptian artist Mostafa Mosad Khodeir. Who knew that an ink pen could render metal so expertly?

    2Enam Bosokah

    This is the work of Ghanaian artist Enam Bosokah. Drawing hair is a big headache and a nightmare. Many artists will tell you that. We can only guess how many hours and days he took to draw this much hair. A very prolific ink artist, Enam is also a sculptor.

    3Benjamin Kwashie

    Benjamin Kwashie is also a Ghanaian. The funny thing about him is that while it usually takes some years of hardwork, practice and determination to reach such levels of perfection, he’s this good at just about 20 years old. It can only get better.

    4Oscar Ukonu

    With two Ghanaians in the list already, we couldn’t have left out our brothers from Naija. The Nigerian artist Oscar Ukonu is a bit … weird. No offense to him, but according to the artist, this is his style:

    He first studies the photo of his subject for a few days and also uses the photo as a wallpaper on his devices. When it gets to drawing, he’s then drawing partially from his memory.

    5Lionel Bisso (Biss Bass)

    This drawing done by a Cameroonian artist was not really done with a BIC pen. It looks like another brand of ballpoint pen but we couldn’t resist it. The quality of the subject in this drawing is not exceptional, given what we’ve seen so far in this list but the headgear certainly is. Look at the cloth. That’s incredible!



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