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Don’t Start A Business If You’re Not Ready To Do These 3 Things

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There is so much motivation out there calling for more people to be their own bosses, as to whether a lot of people are ready, that’s another story altogether. Entrepreneurship is great but it requires a lot of sacrifices not everyone is willing to make. Of course, there’s an endless list of qualities needed to embark on the Entrepreneurship journey but I’ve put together a few that can give you a good foundation if you’re considering starting your own business.

Throw Away The 9-5 Mentality

For someone wanting to start a business, you’ve got to embrace your possible reality of working from anywhere at any time and be ready for a lot of inconveniences especially in the beginning. Your customers will invade your space and take very little notice of your working hours, that’s if you have any. Whether they’re making inquiries, payments, ordering for a product or service, you running around to get the job done, delivering it or even giving you product feedback at ungodly hours, it’s all work and you’ll be at the receiving end particularly because you’re fronting this. And for the record, for someone who more than occasionally sleeps at her office and get customers pass by as early as 4 AM to pick up work, I know what proper invasion means. No, I’m not kidding! Early morning and late evening meeting to close a deal, chasing a potential client on a weekend or holiday or simply being on the phone for hours calming a difficult client are routines you have to get used to. 

So guess what, if you’re struggling with 9-5, then Entrepreneurship is such a bad idea for you and unless you’re willing to adjust, please stay with your 9-5 which you’re struggling with anyway!

Work Under Pressure

I can’t help but feel sorry for people whose motivation to start a business is having a boss that stresses them or constantly feel they’re under pressure to deliver. Wait, is that not what work is about? It is very common to come across job adverts that require applicants to have the ability to work under pressure and with little or no supervision because work isn’t for babies. One of the biggest lies we hear is that being your own boss is less stressful than having a boss  because running your business allows you to work at your own pace and have a lot of time on your hands.  Newsflash! You’ll go through a lot more stress as an Entrepreneur. From the beginning, you’re playing multiple roles; you’re thinking for the business, recruiting your team (which is one hell of a job by the way), marketing your own products/services, balancing your account sheets and doing a long list of things no Entrepreneurship book can prepare you enough for. You’ll have to develop enough capacity to handle all the hard work and customers too. And just because you’re passionate about your business does /not mean you’ll constantly have fun doing it. The pressure will keep coming, you’ll get angry because a client you can’t turn away needs something delivered in 24 hours instead of your usual 72  but you better be ready to work through it! 

Process Feedback   

An Entrepreneur has got to love feedback and when I say love, I mean, want it, ask for it, listen to it, use it to improve yourself and your business otherwise you’re pretty much pushing yourself out of business. Signing up for Entrepreneurship opens your eyes more to the reality that you’re serving the most complex species on planet earth; humans, whose wants are unlimited, have the ability to switch emotions within seconds yet your primary goal as a business owner is to please and keep them in order to remain in business. Whose idea was it even to introduce ‘The customer is always right’ ideology? I don’t know, but I know that you do know, the customer is not always right but who are we to tell them, really? They wouldn’t even listen! Thank God, we can! We can listen to their rants and compliments and turn it into data to improve our businesses tremendously. So yes, being open to feedback and allowing yourself to be criticized and not take it so uptight is a quality you cannot afford to lack.

Take it from an Entrepreneur, running a business is hard! Entrepreneurship is not a safe way out of a cheap PLAN B. If you want to live in your comfort zone, this isn’t for you.  Nobody is perfect, including business owners but at least you have to be willing to make adjustments and put in effort continuously then you and your business can grow, otherwise you’re better of sticking to the 9-5! 🙂



  1. Comment: Entrepreneurial #SpokenTruth. If ya venturing into entrepreneurship because of a ‘bossy boss’ then get ready for “bossy bosses”. You have just one boss (or at most two or three) to deal with in the world of 9-5 but in the world of entrepreneurship all your clients are your bosses and they sure are bossy!

    • You couldn’t have said it better, Daniel! “If ya venturing into entrepreneurship because of a ‘bossy boss’ then get ready for ‘bossy bosses’ ” That’s such a great way to put it!

    • Thank you, Mr. Gyau! We truly need to work on our work ethics, especially as young people to intend to own and run our own businesses.

  2. Great work sister and the reasons why most successful businesses survive in this competitive market is their ability to compromise as well as taking customers as “queens /kings” in the business world.

  3. Simple language used to explain one of the most difficult aspect of our business world. Thank you very much and more grease to your elbow. Will be looking forward to more posts and probably a book. What makes this article more interesting is that it is void of any textbook definitions, just practical examples. Once again, thanks.

    • 😀 Thank you, James. I’m glad that you’ve testified of exactly what I aim to achieve; to be practical and plain. There’s more to come. Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. An article void of textbook definitions and full of practical examples is what this younger generation needs, and it has been perfectly put together in simple language. Thanks for the article, will be looking forward to read more.


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