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The Only President With a Board Game

Image: Sipa Press/20minutes

How does Donald Trump view the world? What really is his philosophy? And how did he rise to success?

Books authored by Trump could satisfy some of your curiosity. And then there’s Trump: The Game. Although it’s not so popular, despite being around since 1989, you can relive the rise of the Donald in this monopoly-style real estate board game.

This game, produced by the Milton Bradley Company, follows quite a common format. There’s a lot of buying and selling, and the goal is to get all the money and be the richest on the board, while your opponents get driven out into poverty.

A striking difference from other monopoly type board games is that this is millionaires’ turf and all the money used here is in the millions. But the real catch to this one, they say, is that you need to be ruthless to be successful at the game: ruthless like the Donald.

Inside a box of the game, some of the playing cards boldly bear a favoured phrase of Trump: “You’re fired!”

How the Game Was Born

In 1988, Jeffrey Breslow, a leading toymaker and sculptor in America, developed the concept for Trump: The Game. He went to Trump Tower in New York and presented it to Donald Trump. Trump didn’t allow him to do any long explanations. He quickly bought into the idea and interrupted with “I like it. What’s next?”

The concept of the game was sold to Milton Bradley Company, one of the top board game makers in America, which was chosen to make the game.

Jeffrey Breslow went back to Trump to discuss how they would share profits. He pointed to his chest and pointed to Trump, signalling a fifty – fifty.

“I don’t do fifty – fifty,” Trump responded flatly. So, Trump and Breslow settled for a 60 – 40 and Trump did some marketing for the game. It went well and they managed to sell several hundreds of thousands of the game.

The 2004 Version (Image: FunAgain)

But Trump: The Game was never quite a success. Not even after the re-release of a second edition in 2004. Breslow once said in an interview that to Trump, the whole game was just some sort of ego booster and he didn’t even care to know and fully understand how the game goes – a claim somehow supported by Trump’s quick “I like it. What’s next?”

But this game is likely not the worst of Donald Trump’s rash decisions.


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